Monday, July 6, 2015

You will want to see how this yarn is made!

Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill of Belvidere, Illinois washed, combed, and pin-drafted Hettinger Corriedale covered fleeces and made 100 % Corriedale roving.  Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill then processed some of the roving one final step; spun the roving into yarn. 
Dye-Namic Duo of Metamora, Illinois dyed the roving and yarn many exciting colors! 
As you can see, the raw covered fleece is on the far left in the picture.  5 inch staple!
The fleece was washed, combed, and pin-drafted to make the roving, second from the left.
Natural white yarn was made by spinning the roving.
Dye-Namic Duo did their magic on the natural white roving, the result....lively roving of blue, avocado, and teal.
And the fabulous finish; Dye-Namic's dyed the natural white yarn and made this new bold colored yarn, Jewel of the Sea.

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