Monday, February 18, 2013

Miss Chicken

Miss Chicken is a beautiful example of a Phoenix hen. She came to our house 7 years ago from the McMurrary Hatchery, where you can mix and match the breed and sex.  We only wanted hens this time. Shipped express, they arrive in the early hours to our local post office and we get the call to come pick them up.  As soon as we opened the door to the local post office, we heard the lovely, little peeping. (lovely to us, maddening to the postal workers)  Miss Chicken and her fellow baby chick's beaks were peeking out of the cardboard box air holes. ..the chicks were ready to go to their new home. Ravenous eaters, they grow fast and you can clearly see the establishment of their pecking order as they mature. 

When we decided to cease with the chickens, Miss Chicken "flew the coop" during the roundup and went into hiding.  She began to show herself and get used to us and ultimately become part of the family with the cats and dogs. If we're lucky, we find her nesting spot and get a daily egg until she moves to a new spot. Our Miss Chicken is very social and joins us in the garden or whenever she sees us with a shovel; she knows worms and bugs are sure to be turned up, yum!

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